As all of you have learned, it takes energy, devotion, and work to play the violin well. As a teacher, it takes just as much effort on my end. To get the most out of our efforts and to stay in my studio, please adhere to the following guidelines.

My goal is to create a basic set-up that is ergonomically sound, free from restrictions of tension which will allow the student to fully express musical ideas.

Lesson Etiquette

  • Students and parents are expected to maintain a respectful attitude.
  • Students must be prepared with instrument, shoulder rest, sheet music, and practice journal.
  • Please silence cell phones during lessons.
  • Parents of beginning and/or young students are encouraged to come to lessons to help with practice.
  • If visitors become too much of an interference they will be asked to leave.

Group Lessons

  • Group lessons are a vital part of each student’s development as a musician and are highly encouraged when available.
  • Additional tuition may be implemented for some group lessons.


  • Please do not be late. I encourage you to be at least 5 minutes early to allow time to unpack your instrument and music prior to your lesson time.
  • If you arrive late, the time you miss at the beginning of the lesson will not be made up at the end.
  • If I, Kiska, am late, your time will be made up and you will get the full lesson time.

Teaching and Practice Journal

  • To keep lessons organized and objectives clear, students are required to provide a notebook for me to record the proceedings of our lessons.
  • If parents do not attend lessons they must read what I have written in the notebook to keep up to date on news or changes. 
  • Students must record daily practice time for me to understand what is happening at home.
  • Read the assignments, don’t just check them off. This will give direction to practice.
  • Daily practice time should be equal to lesson time.
  • Practice does not make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect. It must be done carefully, deliberately, and slowly. 
  • Lessons exist to point out what and how students should practice. Practice should reflect lessons. The same concentration that exists in lessons should exist during practice time at home. Remember, at home you must become your own teacher.
  • “Do not practice until you can play it correctly; practice until you cannot play it incorrectly.” -William Primrose

Missed lessons

  • Students are allowed one missed lesson without being charged every three months, provided I am given 24 hours notice. After one missed lesson, each subsequent missed lesson will be charged without a make-up lesson given. The only exceptions to this are (1) if you are leaving town, or (2) extreme circumstances such as illness or a death in the family.
  • If you are not able to attend a lesson at your regular lesson time, you are welcome to switch with another student for the week. However, it is your responsibility to make such arrangements directly with others in my studio. Please be sure the lessons to be switched are of equal duration. I must receive a phone call or text 24 hours prior to the lesson time so that I may plan accordingly. Without such notice the student will still be charged for the lesson and no make-up lesson will be given.
  • If I, Kiska, cannot come to a lesson and do not give you 24 hour notice, the fee for that lesson will be credited to next month’s payment.


  • Tuition is paid monthly on the first week of the month.
  • For 4-week months:
    • 30 min. lessons ($22 per lesson) $88
    • 45 min. lessons ($33 per lesson) $132
    • 60 min. lessons ($44 per lesson) $176
  • For 5-week months:
    • 30 min. lessons ($22 per lesson) $110
    • 45 min. lessons ($33 per lesson) $165
    • 60 min. lessons ($44 per lesson) $220
  • If the bank returns a check, the fee will be included in next month’s tuition.


  • Semi-annual recitals, winter and spring, are required.
  • Recitals require an accompanist. You are responsible for making arrangements with an accompanist of your choosing. The accompanist's fee is separate from my studio fee, and is paid directly by you to the accompanist. I will provide the name of one accompanist for you, but you are also free to choose your own accompanist.
  • There is a possibility of a recital fee if I must rent a building for a recital.

Parental Involvement

  • If there is a lack of parental support, especially with the young pupils, these students seldom have a desire to continue musical studies. My experience has revealed that the greatest factor in determining a child’s success is the involvement of the parent during lesson time and practice time. If at all possible, please come to lessons. Also, it is imperative that parents are involved with practicing every day. Obviously, as the child gets older, responsibility for practicing and attention during lesson time will shift to the student.
  • Please understand that learning to play the violin is a long, tedious, and delicate process. Although I am always open to suggestions, I would hope that you would respect my knowledge of the instrument and not challenge my teaching.
© 2013 Kiska Schramm