Balancing the love of music and freedom of expression with the demands of proper technique and healthy posture is the core of my teaching strategy. Human beings are born with an innate desire to express themselves. However, without the proper tools and set-up this expression will be limited to the short-comings of a student’s technique and posture. For this reason my principal priority is to facilitate the creation of a healthy, functional, and comfortable frame for my students to work from. Often instrumentalists forget that the most important instrument is the body and if everything is working well in that instrument, the smaller instrument, the violin, will speak. The freer the body, the freer the soul is to express and develop musicality. This cyclic progression between technique and musicality takes place side by side and if taught well, instantly aids the other’s progression.

My teaching is grounded on the ideology that everything in musical training is subservient to music itself. Each student is a teacher in training, not necessarily to teach other students but to teach his or her self. Musical study requires increased awareness of one’s sound, body, and style. The best tool I can give students is the curiosity to seek their own questions and answers about their playing. Once they have an understanding of the basic principles of music making, their creative minds often have the answers that will help them grow. The answers that they do not come up with on their own will come through lessons. Optimal progress requires students to constantly implement the answers they discover through thoughtful practice. Overall, my goal is to not impede my students’ progress but to show them the path that will lead them to discover their own musical voice, give them guidelines to continually improve, and help them experience the tremendous joy that comes through music